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Canapé Cuisine Team Building Events

In addition to our catering services, Canapé Cuisine also specialise in culinary team building events. Whether the participants are your colleagues or your clients, these events are designed to test their initiative, bring out their creativity, enhance their presentation skills and, above all, encourage teamwork and have fun at the same time!

As an ice-breaker we split you into teams and provide card, tape and marker pens to design your teams' chef's hats. The teams must also come up with a name for their team and the hats must display it.

Next, there's a quick session identifying various foods and ingredients by sight and/or by taste (blindfolded, which makes it much more fun in our experience!).

We then go on to talk about canapés and demonstrate how to prepare a few (making it look easy and lulling the teams into a false sense of security). This is where the teams really have to start paying attention because we will explain that in a few minutes they're going to have to do it for themselves.

Brief instructions follow and the teams then go to pre-prepared tables (one for each team) to try it for themselves. After an initial trial run, we score their first efforts, have a bit of a laugh and then repeat the process with a variety of different canapés, reducing the amount of time for each attempt as, in theory, they get better with practice.

At the end of this first session there will be a short break.

Up to this point the teams have been watching us prepare each canapé in turn and doing their best to copy us. For the grand finale, however, each team is given a selection of ingredients and instructed to create their own, unique(!), canapé from scratch. In addition, each team must think of a suitable name for their creation!

After all this frenetic activity we wind down with a glass or two of fine wine accompanied by some of our favourite canapés (no, not the ones they've prepared earlier!) and a food quiz (if time allows) with the whole event ending on a debrief, which always raises some laughs, and the obligatory prize giving.

Each team is scored on each section and every team wins a prize.

These events are great bonding sessions and people always go away with a smile on their faces having had a laugh and (we hope) having learnt something into the bargain.

We always tailor the content and timing of these events to your own particular requirements and they are extremely flexible, lasting anywhere between a couple of hours and a whole day.

If you would like to discuss how we can create your very own Canape Cuisine team building event, please give us a call.

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